The vital Importance of Education in any society is well known. This is one essential step in empowering the people, and to achieve all round development and progress. No wonder that our sages termed “Vidya Daan” as an act of great virtue and goodness.

It is a pity that a good number of children in India are unable to receive proper education due to various reasons. The most important amongst these reasons is financial difficulty, despite the Governmental efforts.

Gyanoday Charitable Society (GCS) has been established to facilitate the basic education of such children who are keen to educate themselves but lack the financial resources to pursue it. GCS owes its origin to the abiding faith in education of Late Lola Gopi Chand Jain (Bhabu) of Ambala City. `Gyanoday’ appropriately commemorates the name of his son, Late Sh. Gyan Das Jain, who, true to his name, was dedicated to learning & education. He was a Jurist and had a deep knowledge of Jain Philosophy.

Started in 2002, GCS has been duly registered

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a Charitable Society under the Societies Act and enjoys tax exemption under sec 80G of IT Act.

Our initial period has been used for consolidation and other preparatory steps to meet the future objectives. Disbursement of financial aid to deserving students was started almost immediately and now we are supporting over 120 students of weaker section for their educational expenses upto the secondary stage. These students are

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located at various places in India. The management of GCS is vested in the hands of a few dedicated individuals from different walks of life.

In this philanthropic activity, GCS welcomes help and support from all quarters.





The contribution cheques may please be drawn in favor of “Gyanoday Charitable Society” and sent at the following address;

Gyanoday Charitable Society

572, Asiad Village, New Delhi – 110049.